Dark Souls Pre-Order


Welcome to the world of Vampires – Are the authors going to take you into a world that you think you know? Or will they take you to a place in their stories that you will never want to leave? What kind of twist and turns will they take you through. Pre- order your copy now.
Join: Yvonne Mason, Rhys Rowlyn, AnnaMarie Gardner (Annamarie Gardner), Author Letha Gene, CeeCee Elaine(Chelsey Elaine), Aimee Shaye, Margy Millet (Maggie Perez-Millet), Raven Sinclair, Rae Hendricks(Raven Heidrich), Carol Dawn, Lenore Danvers, Sylvia Black and Angie Wilcox.
Pre order your copy now –
Amazon – https://tiny.one/DarkSoulsBoundByBlood
Universal – https://books2read.com/u/mqw6Re
Will also be available in paperback and hard cover.
Cover design – Scott Carpenter
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