Shadowed Allure


⚜️ Read. on in my “”Daughters of the Vieux Carré”” series …
Gifted to the New World by the King of France, the daughters of the Vieux Carre will rise from the shadows and into power as their sacred bloodline is awakened by a cursed love…
André awakens to find he has been cursed for three hundred years and the world around him is completely different. Another change is that he has been blessed with a mate, but once he finds her he finds her family has kept a dark secret to keep them apart.
Fleur lives a quiet life, working to get her business off the ground. She doesn’t have time for romance but when a handsome Frenchman with old world manners enters the scene she can’t help but be drawn to him and the dark magnetism surrounding him.
As danger threats to tear them apart and without any help from her family, can these two lovers beat the odds and come together?
Shadowed Allure is the second book in the new thrilling paranormal series, The Daughters of the Vieux Carré. Join this family of vampires as they awaken to a new world and changes they never expected.