Shadowed Desire


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Taken hostage by an evil vampire and used as bait, Lucy finds herself thrust into a world she never imagined existed …
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She hates being weak and helpless against powerful creatures who hold her life in their hands. In a twist of fate, she finds she is connected to these creatures in more ways than one.
Etienne wakes from a three hundred year curse to find himself in a strange and exciting world. Things have changed so greatly but one thing holds true, his love for his brothers. He learns they have all been cursed by women who were supposed to help them but in a strange turn of events it has resulted in him gaining a mate.
Can these two overcome the obstacles and find the bond to hold them together or will they allow fears and dangers to stand in their way?
Shadowed Desire is the fifth installment to The Daughters of the Vieux Carré series. Join us now for the next adventure in this exciting saga about a family of vampires awakening in a new and exciting world.
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