Shadowed Valor


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⚜️ Book 3 in my “”Daughters of the Vieux Carré”” series is here!!
Bram was a Viking in his former life who became a vampire in a twist of fate. Three hundred years later, he awakens from a curse to an amazing new world and a mate. He is happy beyond measure to find he now has someone to share his life with.
Cassandra has been on her own, with only herself to rely on for over a hundred and fifty years, and she loves being independent. She doesn’t know how to feel about being attached to an older-than-dirt vampire. She is drawn to him but doesn’t want to give up the life she loves.
Can Cassandra trust Bram not to take over her life? Will Bram have the mate he always dreamed of?
Shadowed Valor is the third book in the new thrilling paranormal series, The Daughters of the Vieux Carré. Join this family of vampires as they awaken to a new world and changes they never expected.
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