Starlight City Book 6


🩸✨ Starlight City Book 6 is here! ✨🩸
…….🩸✨ TOUCH OF FIRE ✨🩸
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He’s lost everything, including his hope for a future. She’s finally got everything she thought she wanted, but feels like something’s still missing. Will the sparks between them burn out or light the fire of an everlasting love?
When my final mission goes horribly wrong and I lose my entire squad, I’m cut from the Corps I’ve served my whole life, a burned out battle mage with nowhere to go. Until an old friend offers me a chance to start over in a new city. I’m tempted to tell him no, but when I see the woman he sends to bring me back, I’m tempted by something else entirely. She lights a fire in me I haven’t felt in years. Can I convince her to take a risk and embrace the passion burning between us? Or will the flames of desire destroy everything in the end?
Serving the Montero Family, rebuilding what we lost, has been my focus for ages, and finally, my life in Starlight City is everything I want it to be. When my Dominar and her Consort send me on an assignment to find a wayward battle mage, I assume it will be a quick, pleasant trip to the country and then home again. Instead, I find a man with deep scars that mimic my own, and a heat between us even I can’t deny. Can I find the strength to walk away from him? Or will I give in to the blazing need that exists between us?