Bite of Ecstasy


🩸✨ Starlight City Book 5 is here! ✨🩸
…….🩸✨BITE OF ECSTASY, by Krysta Fox ✨🩸
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Protecting others is his job. But what happens when the job becomes personal?
🩸✨ AVERY ✨🩸
I stumbled upon something I wasn’t supposed to see, but I tried to do the right thing. When my testimony threatens to expose a conspiracy that goes higher than anyone ever expected, the threats against me become real and I land in the arms of the only man who can protect me. Can my heart survive our time together or will I lose the most precious thing along the way?
🩸✨ DEACON ✨🩸
I’ve protected the best and the worst, as long as the price was right. Because that was the job. But when I lay eyes on my new assignment, I want more than money. I want everything I’m not allowed to have. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it renders my life forfeit. Is there any chance we can make it through the danger together or will we lose our hearts in the biggest battle of all?