Twin Oaks Book Series

Mama Knows Best Book

Mama Knows Best (Twin Oaks Series Book 1)

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She doesn’t want any part of home. He’s here for answers. When sparks fly, will love blaze out of control?

Twenty-two-year-old MaCee Burkett thought she’d wiped the small-town dirt off her boots for good. But when her troublemaking mama calls with a medical emergency, she can’t bear to turn her back, despite the inevitable butting heads. But all that pain may be worth it when she locks eyes with the hot newcomer at the Cotillion…

After losing his dad, Tyler Dixon is desperate to reconnect with his roots. A stranger in Twin Oaks with only his new country-fried relatives for company, he’s overjoyed to meet a friendly face in the gorgeous MaCee. And though he fears his crazy family will scare her away, he may be the one jumping the gun.

Running hotter than a sultry Southern summer, MaCee and Tyler can’t keep their hands off each other. But secrets from the past and unhealed wounds threaten to extinguish their burning passion…

Can the unlikely couple two-step around trouble to find their way to happily-ever-after?

Mama Knows Best is the first book in the hilarious Twin Oaks contemporary romance series. If you like drool-worthy heroes, country-style comedy, and steamy hookups, then you’ll adore Reece Taylor’s down-home love story.

Bless Your Heart Book

Lord Have Mercy (Twin Oaks Series Book 6)

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Hannah has moved home after finishing college and is taking over the family real estate business. Everything is falling into place with one exception—Lee Burkett. She’s wanted him for as long she can remember, and now is the time to make that dream a reality.

Lee always knew what he wanted in life: to have a thriving law practice in his hometown of Twin Oaks … and Hannah Dale. His practice is moving along nicely, and he believes his relationship with Hannah is, too, until unforeseen circumstances stand in their way.

Bless Your Heart is a wild ride as Lee and Hannah attempt to find their way to each other and maneuver the twists and turns of living in a small town. Fall in love with them and learn more about the quirks of Twin Oaks and its assortment of larger-than-life residents.

Chin Up Buttercup Book

Chin Up Buttercup (Twin Oaks Series Book 3)

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She left town with her heart in tatters …

Avery Sims’s heart was shattered by the love of her life when she left town five years ago. Now she’s back home and ready to start her career and the next chapter of her life—until she sees him again.

He loved her enough to let her go …

Tucker Wilks blames himself for the distance separating him and Avery. He has waited patiently for her return and hopes to rekindle the love they once shared. He must find a way to win back her trust and prove he is worthy of her love.

When unforeseen circumstances throw them together, will Avery forgive Tucker and give their relationship a second chance? Or will they miss their shot at happily ever after?

Chin Up Buttercup is the third installment in the Twin Oaks Series and gives us more insight into the town we are all learning to love. Buy today and jump on the wild ride with our lovable but quirky band of characters and become part of our community.

Two Peas in a Pod

Two Peas in a Pod (Twin Oaks Series Book 4)

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What does it take to get out of the friend zone?

Ten years after running to California, Nick Thompson returns to Twin Oaks. They say time heals old wounds, but for Nick, returning home is bittersweet. The moment he sees his best friend Desiree again, his buried feelings resurface, dividing his attention from what he’d come to do.

Now that Nick has returned, Desiree finds herself conflicted. She harbored secret feelings for Nick for years, but their last moments before he left could tear their families apart. Another chance with him is in her grasp until a problem from her past shows up unannounced, threatening to unravel the life she’s built for her and her son.

Can their unresolved emotions turn these friends into lovers, or will they miss their chance at a happy ever after because of their fears?

Two Peas in a Pod is the fourth installment to the Twin Oaks Series, so hold on to your hat as we continue this wild ride into the town’s charm and quirky characters. Get your copy now and catch up with the latest adventures.

Fit to be Tied Book

Fit To Be Tied (Twin Oaks Series Book 5)

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There is nothing more annoying than making a deal with the enemy.
Jordan Moore made up her mind about Cash Abbott the first time she laid eyes on him. He is a player, not her type, and whenever he’s around, he is constantly stoking her temper.

Cash can’t seem to help himself. He’s sometimes amazed by the things that come out of his mouth when she’s around—probably because he can’t figure out why she hates him so much.

The pair has a history of ruffling each other’s feathers in under five minutes, but they are forced to make a deal that puts them on the same team. They must find a way to make their friends and family believe they’re in love, and they need to do it without killing one another.

Grab your copy of Fit to Be Tied, the fifth installment to the Twin Oaks Series, and join the fun in a town of lovable yet quirky characters.

Lord Have Mercy Book

Lord Have Mercy (Twin Oaks Series Book 6)

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You only get one first love.
But do you ever truly move on?

Returning to Twin Oaks is not on Mia Davidson’s radar, but circumstances make coming back an option she can’t refuse. When she left, a part of her soul had stayed behind, even though she took something precious with her. Now she hopes her past decisions won’t cause her a world of regret.

Living a quiet life while caring for his daughter, Sam Wilks spends his days working and not having much luck in love. When his first love returns to town, he can’t help but believe it means their paths were meant to cross again. Now he has to adjust his way of thinking and overcome the hurt she caused when she left.

Will Mia and Sam have a second chance at love, or will they continue to repeat past mistakes? Is happy ever after finally within reach?

Lord Have Mercy is the next installment of the Twin Oaks Series. Get your copy now and join us in meeting a new cast of characters as we learn more about our lovable town.